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Go into all the world and preach the
gospel to all creation.


Jesus meets us in our brokenness and calls us beloved. He meets us in our isolation and shame and adopts us, calling us sons and daughters. He meets us in our slavery and sets us free. He meets us in our lack and woundedness, heals us, provides for us, makes us whole, and builds us up in his kingdom. Jesus changes everything!

Mission Vision

God’s heart is to reconcile all creation to himself through his son Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, his mission of reconciliation becomes our mission of gospel proclamation and demonstration. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we cultivate this missional pursuit every day in our lives, our city, across cultures, and around the globe. For more information, check out the video at the top of the page.


We love LA! We recognize both its beauty and its brokenness, and we pursue its spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal every day in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. Local Engagement seeks to understand our city, stir our hearts with compassion for it, and equip us to display the gospel—by evangelism, service, care, and friendship—throughout Los Angeles, in whatever context God has placed us. Below are a few of the organizations and individuals Reality LA partners with to spread the love of Jesus in Los Angeles.


The global vision of Reality LA is to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations by participating, as part of the global church, in sharing the gospel with every culture and every people. Below are a few of the organizations and individuals RLA partners with to spread the gospel in a variety of global contexts.


As a church, we seek to meet real and practical local needs with generosity through community.

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Let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.
Titus 3:14

Resources During COVID-19

At our core, we desire to love God, love one another, and love our city — even more so in the midst of adversity. In fact, in times like these where an unprecedented global pandemic is altering daily life, we want to share God’s love and peace all the more. COVID-19 is impacting everyone in some way and our desire during this season of potential isolation, fear, need, and devastation is to provide hope through meeting tangible needs where and how we can best do so and equip you to do the same for those around you. With the ongoing changes and restrictions on how we might to engage with others, we’re praying and relying on the Holy Spirit to show us creative ways of accomplishing those two goals.

To start, we’ve included a comprehensive guide with a number of general and area-specific information on food, health, housing, education, employment and disability, business, and technology resources. We’ve also shared four practical ways to serve others below. We’ll be providing updates to these resources and other ways of engagement in the days to come. If you have any questions, additional resources, or creative ways to engage and serve others, please email our Local Missions Director, Charity McCloud, at charity.m@realityla.com.

COVID-19 Resources

Four Practical Ways to Serve Others Right Now

  1. Intentionally connect and pray with family members and friends on a daily basis. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. In a time where physical connection is far less possible, we can use this time to be intentional about connecting and praying with those we love, especially those who live alone or tend to keep to themselves. Since we want to be intentional about this, we recommend creating a schedule of who you’re going to reach out to on a daily basis and when. Yes, daily! Whether one or eight people each day, think about those you can check on Monday through Sunday.
  2. Check in with others in your neighborhood using this printable Hello Neighbor form. This form allows you to offer picking up groceries or supplies, run urgent errands, connect over text or the phone, or even pick-up and drop-off mail for your neighbors. You can check whichever option you feel most comfortable with. It’s a great tool to introduce yourself to neighbors you don’t know, connect with those you already know, and show faith over fear in action.
  3. Use the resource guide above to find service providers in your area that you could volunteer with or donate to. There are various non-profits, churches, and centers right in your neighborhood offering food and other services to those in need that will remain open even during the “Safer At Home” order.
  4. Offer relief to parents or care-takers you know who are constantly home with their children. Many parents may be entering new territory by staying at home with their children all day due to the shutdown of schools. Although this time home is an opportunity for relationships to be strengthened, it also has the potential to be stressful for parents when they’re used to those six to eight hours apart. Reach out, connect with, and offer some form of support to the parents in your neighborhood, in your family, or those you’re led to check on. Offer to watch the kids for an hour or two while the parents go for a drive or just go into another room and relax. We have also created and maintain an extensive list of family resources for current events.

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