Jesus Changes Everything

Jesus never wrote a book, never went to college, never travelled far from his home town, never held a political office, and never made much money. Yet this middle-eastern Jewish carpenter has altered the course of human history, with literally billions of people devoting their lives to him spanning different countries, centuries, and cultures. What is it about this man that is so compelling and captivating?
The answer lies in Jesus’ identity and mission.

Jesus is the son of God who came to rescue the people of God and bring the kingdom of God.

The son of God became the son of man to rescue sinners and renew this broken world. His perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection were a work of renewal that means the captives will be set free, the wounded will be healed, and our guilt and shame will be removed. By surrendering our lives and clinging to God’s grace through faith, we are made new. This message—referred to as “the gospel”—is the heart of Christianity.

The gospel is not good advice about what we should do for God, it’s good news about what God has done for us.

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